PSD to Bootstrap

We Convert Your Designs into Twitter Bootstrap Code

What is PSD to Bootstrap?

Going responsive has never been easier

Twitter Bootstrap is great for clean applications that are
easy to maintain without sacrificing functionality. The Site Slinger makes it easy to use Bootstrap.
Just give us your Photoshop ("PSD") files and we will convert it into Bootstrap HTML and
CSS code that renders perfectly, down to the last pixel.

Step 1

Bootstrap Design Review

First, one of our expert front-end developers reviews your design files to make sure that all of the necessary design elements are included in the PSD designs and that your designs are compatible with Twitter Bootstrap. We will review each page of your designs to make sure you have included all of the necessary elements for a PSD to Bootstrap conversion, including designs for each page of markup you want to see, any hover states, dropdowns, tooltips, sliders, lightboxes, modal popups, form validations, and any other interactive elements that are present in the HTML page. After your PSD designs have been reviewed by a developer you are ready for a quote. Each project is priced on a per page basis, with one PSD file for each HTML file you want to receive. Remember, for a project to be responsive we always require 3 design states, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Step 2

Quality HTML and CSS Code by Expert Bootstap Developers

After we get your approval the development begins. One of our front-end web developers will start to hand-code your designs into the Bootstrap framework. This process consists of taking the design elements from the PSD file and converting them to HTML code. We go through layer by layer to get the positioning, colors, images, fonts, font sizes, and line-heights just right. We use this layer by layer process to insure that you get pixel perfect results every time. To make sure that your HTML is easily extended into your application, we use as much native Bootstrap code as we can.

Step 3

Bootstrap jQuery Animations

After the initial Bootstrap HTML and CSS are coded we move on to the jQuery animation elements. This includes user interactions on the page such as drop-down menus or modal popups. We will code these from the grouped layers in your PSD design. The Site Slinger has you covered here because we support the full library of Bootstrap jQuery plugins with your PSD to Bootstrap development.

Step 4

Quality Control Before Delivery

Just because coding is complete doesn’t mean we are finished. Your PSD to Bootstrap conversion isn’t finished until it passes our quality inspection process. Only after thorough quality review will we declare your PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion finished! You now have Bootstrap HTML and CSS code for your project.

Do you use Sass or Less?

If you are keen on saving time and love clean CSS then you probably use one of the popular preprocessors. The good news is that Bootstrap’s source code uses Sass and Less. The best news is that we are experts at coding with both of these extensions and can deliver. scss or .less files to you with your project. What a great option! Just let us know you use Sass or Less when you submit your project.

PSD to Bootstrap.
Twitter Bootstrap done right.

Going responsive has never been easier

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We take your design files and convert them into high quality Bootstrap
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The Site Slinger makes going responsive easy.
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